US: California invests additional $9.6m toward the fight against citrus greening

California will spend an additional $9.6 million this year in the fight against a deadly tree disease that has already decimated the citrus industries in Florida and Texas.

12/06/2017 | Ingles

US: Florida packing houses struggle to maintain supplies amid greening crisis

Stories of the fatal bacterial disease, citrus greening, often focus on growers, who have seen their annual harvest decline by more than 70 percent because of greening.

06/06/2017 | Ingles

Argentina: Orange production will fall by at least 10%

This situation is related to the serious damage caused by the constant rains that fell over the country's coastal and Northern areas this year and the previous one, which led to a decrease in citrus production.

30/05/2017 | Ingles

Tucuman will send its first batch of lemons to the US before July

The Governor of Tucuman, Juan Manzur, stated that Tucuman would send the first tryout shipment to the United States before July, as part of a process in which they would also have talks with importers from that country.

24/05/2017 | Ingles

Florida grapefruit projection falls again

Since March, the forecast for the grapefruit crop has dropped more than 12 percent, with two months remaining in the growing season.

15/05/2017 | Ingles

Argentina: Entre Rios will export sweet citrus to Brazil

Governor Gustavo Bordet is in Sao Paulo, closely following the final administrative steps which will allow the entry of sweet citrus from Entre Rios to Brazil.

09/05/2017 | Ingles

US to allow the entry of Argentine lemons

The United States government will allow imports of Argentine lemons, thus putting an end to the restrictions there have been on citrus marketing since 2001.

02/05/2017 | Ingles

Chile’s first 2017 shipment of citrus on its way to the US

Chile’s first 2017 shipment of clementines to the U.S. departed from the port of Valparaiso during Week 15, a week earlier than the previous season. This serves as the official start of the Chilean Citrus season, which runs through October

27/04/2017 | Ingles

55% increase of Verna lemon production in Spain

Concerns about arrival of southern hemisphere supply in June

18/04/2017 | Ingles

Australia: Study shows lemons can reduce salt in diet

International demand has seen Australian lemon sales increase from just under $1 million in 2012 to $8.5 million in 2016.

03/04/2017 | Ingles