San Miguel consolidates fresh fruit strategy in L. America

After the reopening of the Brazilian and Mexican markets to Argentine citrus, San Miguel has consolidated its fresh fruit strategy in Latin America.

08/08/2017 | Ingles

Argentina to export lemons to Mexico for the first time

Argentina will be able to export lemons to Mexico for the first time after sanitary inspection agencies from the two countries reached a deal, Argentina's agriculture ministry said on Thursday.

24/07/2017 | Ingles

Florida citrus production lowest in decades

The final forecast of the 2016-2017 season for Florida’s struggling citrus industry shows the orange crop falling 16 percent from the previous season — which, itself, had been at a five-decades low.

17/07/2017 | Ingles

Argentina starts exporting lemons to the Brazilian market

After 8 years of being closed, the Brazilian market has reopened its doors to Argentine citrus exports. The opening comes at a time when Argentina's lemon production is at its peak and will have to face a strong competition from Brazil's local market.

10/07/2017 | Ingles

Argentina resumes citrus exports to Brazil

The Ministry of Agribusiness of the Nation confirmed that exports of lemons to Brazil had resumed after Brazil reopened its market for Argentine citrus fruit last month, eight years after having banned the imports for health reasons.

29/06/2017 | Ingles

US: Citrus greening spreads to Alabama

A highly contagious bacterial disease that seriously threatens the U.S. citrus industry has been found for the first time in Alabama.

26/06/2017 | Ingles

US: California invests additional $9.6m toward the fight against citrus greening

California will spend an additional $9.6 million this year in the fight against a deadly tree disease that has already decimated the citrus industries in Florida and Texas.

12/06/2017 | Ingles

US: Florida packing houses struggle to maintain supplies amid greening crisis

Stories of the fatal bacterial disease, citrus greening, often focus on growers, who have seen their annual harvest decline by more than 70 percent because of greening.

06/06/2017 | Ingles

Argentina: Orange production will fall by at least 10%

This situation is related to the serious damage caused by the constant rains that fell over the country's coastal and Northern areas this year and the previous one, which led to a decrease in citrus production.

30/05/2017 | Ingles

Tucuman will send its first batch of lemons to the US before July

The Governor of Tucuman, Juan Manzur, stated that Tucuman would send the first tryout shipment to the United States before July, as part of a process in which they would also have talks with importers from that country.

24/05/2017 | Ingles