18/12/2017 | Ingles

Spain: The good demand will cause the Clemenules season to end two weeks early

The clementine campaign in the province of Castellon, which is predominantly marked by the situation of the clemenules, is in its final stretch.

There is a lack of fruit, but a good position in the markets, mainly the European ones, and that has been giving a boost to the demand. This has translated into prices at origin at levels that hadn't been seen for years, with the Clemenules, for instance, at 0.36 Euro, according to La Unió citrus manager Carles Peris.

For his part, the president of the Nulexport cooperative, Pascual Pla, points out that this year the field "is ahead in terms of prices compared to the destination." This is mainly due to the fact that, in this period before Christmas, large distribution chains set their prices several weeks in advance and, given the lack of fruit and the need to guarantee their shipments, businesses and cooperatives are buying the fruit at good prices.

But this "optimism", which is noticeable in the field due to the good demand for the fruit, could also eventually be affected by the confirmed decline in the production. 

In any case, there is no doubt about there being a high demand, which will cause the clemenules campaign to end about two weeks earlier than in a normal season. Pla believes that the campaign is "very likely to be finished by 1 January," and José Francisco Nebot, Citrus Manager at Fepac-Asaja, points out that the harvest may even be completed by Christmas and that shipments in the following week may be of fruit stored in chambers.

Source: elperiodicomediterraneo.com