08/08/2017 | Ingles

San Miguel consolidates fresh fruit strategy in L. America

After the reopening of the Brazilian and Mexican markets to Argentine citrus, San Miguel has consolidated its fresh fruit strategy in Latin America.

New markets within the region provide new opportunities to the citrus industry in general and to San Miguel in particular.

Although the company was already selling fruit —mainly oranges— to Brazil from its operation in Uruguay, the reopening to products from Argentina will enable it to increase the volume offered to existing and potential customers. San Miguel has already started to sell oranges from Argentina and it expects to sell a total of approximately 200 pallets of oranges, which accounts for 180 tons of fruit.

Meanwhile, Mexico has recently authorized the entry of lemons from the province of Tucumán. In this case, taking into account that the opening took place almost at the end of this crop season, the full citrus export is scheduled for 2018.

This not only increases the supply of product available in Latin America, but also aims at developing new sales channels through an ambitious program with supermarket chains.

Source: freshplaza.com