10/07/2017 | Ingles

Argentina starts exporting lemons to the Brazilian market

After 8 years of being closed, the Brazilian market has reopened its doors to Argentine citrus exports. The opening comes at a time when Argentina's lemon production is at its peak and will have to face a strong competition from Brazil's local market.

"The volumes exported are small due to several factors, such as the scarce culture of consumption of Sicilian lemons in Brazil, where people focus more on the Tahiti lime. In addition, Brazil is also a strong producer of lemons. However, even though the production calendars of Argentina and Brazil are similar, they are not quite the same, which allows us to be present in their market during a shortl period of time when the local market is not active," said Vinicius Biasibetti, of the Argentine company Citrusvil, one of the leading exporters of Argentine citrus worldwide.

The Argentine citrus production season is now at its highest level, but, according to Biasibetti, export the citrus fruits to Brazil, specifically the lemons from the Tucumán area, is greatly limited due to logistical costs, as in South America these products are transported by land, in trucks, something that greatly increases the cost of the transfers and, therefore, the final price of sale.

"Citrusvil is a 100% Argentine capital company located in the province of Tucumán, in the north of Argentina." At present, the company has more than 7,000 hectares of their own estates devoted to the production of lemon, as well as a packaging plant located in Tucumán. The company exports its products to the whole world through the ports of Buenos Aires, Zarate, and Rosario. 

Citrusvil exports 70% of its products to countries in Europe, and the remaining 30% to Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, the Far East, Canada, and now Brazil, a country to which they return after 8 years. According to Biasibetti, "the volume of exports to Europe has seen a slight increase this year, although the quantity of product remains very similar to last year."

At the moment, South Africa is the main competitor of the Argentine lemon, as the Spanish verna lemon season is about to end. 

Regarding market sales prices, Vinicius Biasibetti said that "this season prices have stabilized and are closer to reality, unlike last year, when the lack of product and the early completion of the Spanish lemon season caused a spike in sales prices." 

Source: freshplaza.com