29/06/2017 | Ingles

Argentina resumes citrus exports to Brazil

The Ministry of Agribusiness of the Nation confirmed that exports of lemons to Brazil had resumed after Brazil reopened its market for Argentine citrus fruit last month, eight years after having banned the imports for health reasons.

The shipment, which was made by the Citrusvil company from the NOA, entered Brazil through the border crossing of São Borja. The company shipped 1,400 boxes that will be unloaded in the central market of San Pablo.

"The concrete possibility of resuming citrus exports to Brazil has strengthened the relationship with the Brazilian government and has given Argentina and its regional economies the confidence necessary to consolidate this important market," said Ricardo Buryaile, Minister of Agribusiness.

According to estimates by the Ministry of Agribusiness, last year Brazil imported 28,000 tons of sweet citrus (oranges and mandarins) and 1,440 tons of lemons. Their main suppliers are Spain and Uruguay.

Brazil's market potential stands at about 10.5 million dollars, if Argentina were to occupy 50% of the Brazilian market, according to estimates of the private sector. Almost 80% of that hypothetical market would correspond to oranges and lemons, whereas the rest would be of mandarins and grapefruits.

Meanwhile, according to sources from the San Miguel company that spoke with LA NATION, this company is exporting 200 tons of orange and mandarins (13,000 boxes). "The first truck taking its cargo to importers and supermarkets in San Pablo is crossing the border today," said the source.

Source: freshplaza.com