03/04/2017 | Ingles

Australia: Study shows lemons can reduce salt in diet

International demand has seen Australian lemon sales increase from just under $1 million in 2012 to $8.5 million in 2016.

Greatest demand has come from Indonesia (68% of all lemon exports) followed by Singapore (11%) and The Philippines (6%). 

More lemons are being utilised to enhance flavour and minimise the amount of salt in dishes – a trend replicated in kitchens around Australia. A new study from Tufts University (US) published in The Journal of the American Medical Association blamed 10 nutrients for 45.4% of cardiometabolic deaths in 2012. 

The researchers found that the largest number of diet-related cardiometabolic deaths were related to eating too much salt. Lemon zest and juice has proven to be an effective way to reduce salt in our diets.

Fresh Australian lemons which are Queensland grown are currently in fruit shops and supermarkets throughout the country as the Australian citrus season begins. Australian lemons are not widely available during summer, with imported lemons, mainly from the USA, filling the seasonal gap. 

Source: Fresplaza.com