09/03/2017 | Ingles

Spain: Difficulties in planning citrus campaign

In the region of Murcia, the damages caused to citrus fruits by the bad weather have started taking a toll in various markets.

"The year has so far been marked by the many variations in the weather, which is not good for the fruit," says Christian Martínez, one of the managers of Frulonsa Calidades.

The company explained that it is difficult to make a plan and arrange purchase agreements in the medium term, since "we know how the fruit is today, but we don't know in which state we will find it next week, given the current conditions. I would love for the campaign to last until April and May, but the chances for this are slim," states Martínez, who is part of the third generation of this food broker.

In recent years, Frulonsa Calidades has specialised more in the Italian market, with clients across the country, from north to south. Although they work with several products, they are mostly focused on citrus fruits, on which their reputation is based. They are able to guarantee "a fairly fresh product, as well as effective charges. We take care of inspecting the traded goods personally," states Martínez.

Source: freshplaza.com