17/02/2017 | Ingles

Spanish: Mandarin production much greater than last year

Preliminary data on the production of mandarins in Spain in the 2016/2017 campaign, point to the total volume reaching 2,446 million tonnes, compared to 1,972 million tonnes in the previous season.

The production in the current season is thus expected to grow by about 24 percent.

A considerable volume of Spanish mandarins is intended for direct consumption in the domestic market. In this 2016/2017 campaign, this figure is expected to reach 460 thousand tonnes, compared to 397.3 thousand tonnes in the previous season.

Spain is not only the largest producer of mandarins, but also the largest exporter. In the 2016/2017 campaign, the country plans to ship about 1.7 million tonnes of the fruit, compared to 1.49 million tonnes in the previous year. By far, the largest importers of Spanish mandarins are EU countries, which account for about 91 percent of the total exports. In the previous season, the fruit went mostly to Germany (421.6 thousand tonnes), France (364.7 thousand tonnes) and the UK (a little under 159.0 thousand tonnes). A lot of Spanish mandarins also went to Poland.

Imports are marginal in comparison. In the 2016/2017 season, they are expected to amount to just 13 thousand tonnes. Moreover, about 300 thousand tonnes of mandarins will be used for processing (mainly for canning).

Source: freshplaza.com