Uruguay ‘migrating’ citrus exports to U.S., China

Uruguayan Fruit Producers and Exporters Union (UPEFRUY) head Marta Bentancur expects a good citrus season this year in terms of volume and size, as the industry continues its push into North American and Asian markets.

20/02/2017 | Ingles

Spanish: Mandarin production much greater than last year

Preliminary data on the production of mandarins in Spain in the 2016/2017 campaign, point to the total volume reaching 2,446 million tonnes, compared to 1,972 million tonnes in the previous season.

17/02/2017 | Ingles

U.S: Florida could see smallest citrus crop in 50 years

According to some, Florida is looking to have one of the worst citrus crops in a long time, due to the worsening effects of citrus greening.

15/02/2017 | Ingles

Spain: The Clemenules in Castellon "are dead" and there's "no solution"

The situation of oranges this season has finally improved and prices are on the rise, but Castellon will hardly benefit from it.

06/02/2017 | Ingles

Mexico: Tamaulipas releases 40 million sterile flies per year

The citrus industry in the downtown area of Tamaulipas was put at risk by the presence of pests such as the fruit fly, exotic flies, the tristeza virus, and the red spider. As a result, producers work hard to keep them at bay and to prevent the Yellow Dragon disease.

01/02/2017 | Ingles

U.S. puts Argentine lemon import access on hold

Just days after Donald Trump’s inauguration as president, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has issued a stay on a controversial rule to allow Northwest Argentine lemon imports into the U.S.

23/01/2017 | Ingles

China: Citrus greening disease takes it toll

"Citrus greening disease is a global citrus disease. In China, citrus greening disease is mainly found in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Taiwan and other provinces and autonomous regions.

19/01/2017 | Ingles