55% increase of Verna lemon production in Spain

Concerns about arrival of southern hemisphere supply in June

18/04/2017 | Ingles

Australia: Study shows lemons can reduce salt in diet

International demand has seen Australian lemon sales increase from just under $1 million in 2012 to $8.5 million in 2016.

03/04/2017 | Ingles

California delays enforcement of citrus transport regulations

Earlier this year, the California Department of Food and Agriculture mailed letters to about 6,000 citrus farmers, trucking companies and others involved in shipping commercial citrus, informing them of new rules about transporting the fruit.

28/03/2017 | Ingles

The US extends the ban on Argentine lemons by 30 days

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has decided to extend the ban on the entry of lemons from Tucuman for another 30 days, official sources confirmed today.

21/03/2017 | Ingles

South Africa: Citrus export estimates for 2017

The 2017 citrus export estimates aren’t that dissimilar to those of 2015, says the CEO of the Citrus Growers Association, Justin Chadwick.

14/03/2017 | Ingles

Spain: Difficulties in planning citrus campaign

In the region of Murcia, the damages caused to citrus fruits by the bad weather have started taking a toll in various markets.

09/03/2017 | Ingles

Spain: Expert warns that HLB could kill citrus in just a few years

It is known as greening and is a lethal bacterium for citrus. It is transmitted by an insect whose presence has already been detected in Spain, in particular in Galicia, but also in Portugal.

06/03/2017 | Ingles